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2020. június 12. 20:29 - Amanda Spruce

What if I cannot burn candles?

We were talking in a topic about a girl who could not use candles and incense during her magical work because the owner of her new apartment did not allow it. She asked us desperately about her possibilities.

I know this feeling because I cannot use incense now. On the one part because of my husband, he doesn’t like incense, on the other hand our fire alarm system can send alerting to the fire station and I do not want an unnecessary trip to the firemen. Candles are different, the smoke of the candle is not exactly a smoke. It is vaporing wax and it doesn’t turn on the fire alarms.

Incense can be replaced with putting volatile oils into the vaporizer, but in that case where candles are not allowed that’s not a good choice. What should we do then?


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Fire element can be symbolized otherwise. We can symbolize it with matches, dagger, knife and sword. Crystals can symbolize fire too, choose red jasper, carnelian, fire opal and pyrite. If we want to symbolize it with plants, just use alder, gas plant (Dictamnus), scarlet firethorn, garlic, nettle, hibiscus, rose, red poppy or hot pepper or if we can get cocoa beans we can use them as well. We can use any tropical plant to represent fire. I like to eat hot pepper and do the magical work during meditation. 

If you do not have any of these, turn south and sit to a place where the sun rays warm your skin and meditate. Visualize the candlelight and do your magical work.

To substitute the incense use volatile oils, not only in the vaporizer, just scrub a drop of the oil under your nose - be careful, some oils can irritate your skin, especially cinnamon. You can use cinnamon oil, garlic oil, rose oil, calendula oil or frankincense oil.

If you just NEED the fire, for example burn something then just go out and find a place outdoors where no one can disturb you during the ritual. Maybe you will search this place for a long time but it will worth it.

Hungarian version HERE.

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