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2020. augusztus 01. 23:41 - Amanda Spruce

Offering or sacrifice?

I hear these two phrases very often and it’s known that most of us doesn’t know about what is the difference between them.

Dr. Crow wrote in his book (1), but those followers of mine who don’t speak Hungarian cannot read it. Therefore, with my own words, leaning on his book I will show what is offering about and what is sacrifice about.

Both of them means that we are giving something to that spirit, animal, plant or else, from who we are asking something. In both case we are doing it freely. But, while we are giving some nice but unnecessary thing to he spirit at offering; and we are giving something which makes us discomfort at sacrificing.

For example: if we are carving a small sculpture to a piece of a branch and give to a spirit, bury under a tree because this dead matter is biodegradable and the micro-organisms in the dirt make it into useful components; it is an offering. BUT! Sacrifice is when we give food (more than two carrots… all of the non-eaten food during fasting would be given to the wild ones), or blood sacrificing.


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In both cases we should take care of:

-Do not give any plastic, glass or anything else what is not biodegradable! They do not need these.

-Offer nonprocessed food, fruits, veggies, or meat, liver for the carnivores.

-Do not offer cakes, biscuits, chocolate or anything that contains sugar. Do not offer salty things, like salty seeds or salty bacon.

-Be careful with milk! The milk you can buy in stores are processed, but do not pour undiluted, so the wine and beer - these are harmful for the plants. If you want to offer milk, then mix it with water in proportion as 1:4.

-We can offer water, but not after a raining day.

-The most beautiful offering is when we help to them. Just collect the trash, carry out of the woods, and do not throw it into the dumpster in the woods - these are emptied rarely, that’s why we recommend to carry home the trash we brought along.

-Be careful with fasting. It’s not recommended for those who suffer in diabetes, have diseases in their digestive system, during pregnancy and childhood.


(1) Dr. Crow: Untamed witchcraft - original title:: Hollódoktor: Szelídítetlen boszorkányság

Hungarian version HERE.

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A traditional path in a modern world